About the ABA Law Practice Division

Since 1974, ABA Law Practice Division has been THE resource for building and maintaining a successful law practice. Through its publications, website and educational programs, Law Practice Division supplies lawyers and legal professionals with valued information in the core areas of marketing, management, technology and finance.

About Law Practice Readers

of readers confirm that Law Practice magazine contains practical information that is directly useful in their business.
of Law Practice magazine readers say Law Practice is the top publication they utilize in their business.
of Law Practice magazine readers are involved in the decision-making process for equipment, software, supplies or services used in their organizations.

Law Practice magazine readers trust publications from the ABA.
1/3 of readers of Law Practice magazine have connected directly with an advertiser, researched the advertising company, or filed the ad for reference as a result of seeing an ad.

Members of the ABA Law Practice Division Include:

  • Law firm management/managing partners/attorneys
  • Legal administrators and executives
  • Law office managers
  • Government business managers
  • Legal consultants
  • Practice management advisors
  • Other associate members of the ABA

Practice Setting

Private Practice – 87.3%
In-House – 3.3%
Government – 2.2%
Legal Educators – 1.9%
Judiciary – 0.8%
Other – 4.5%

Firm Size

"We have been advertising in Law Practice for over 20 years. The readership is our target market and we always appreciate the quality of editorial. It will continue to be a part of our media spend for years to come"
— Dan Berlin, President, Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Software

Topics of Interest to Law Practice Readers

Technology: emerging technologies, legal software product reviews & news, mobile and wireless tools
Management: client service, staffing, leadership and professional development
Marketing: client communications, rainmaking, networking, speaking and writing
Finance: fee arrangements, billing and collections, and profitability