Click on the tablet above to download the  Law Practice  app

Click on the tablet above to download the Law Practice app



After a user clicks the icon to launch an app, your company sponsored launch image displays while the app loads. As readers flip through each page of Law Practice magazine, your ad will appear at the edge of the magazine, providing your company with exposure throughout the reader’s entire magazine experience. Advertising in the app is exclusive per issue. Law Practice is also available in the app store for individual subscription purposes and some issues may be open to the entire ABA membership. ABA frequently promotes the app to it's 400,000+ members and your company will benefit from being a part of the promotion as added value. Sponsors will also receive a mention in every issue in the print edition of Law Practice Magazine in the table of contents.

App Splash Page
(*Only available for those who sponsor the app in all 6 issues)

Location Displays on the device while the app loads


Smart Phone: 640w × 690h pixels
Tablet: 1536w × 2048h pixels

File Format



* Plan for the upper 20 pixels to be overlapped by the device status bar
* Allow a 260w × 45h neutral area at the bottom

App Banner Ads

Banner ads can be linked to a website, e-mail address, or to an app in the App Store. They can also be unlinked.
Advertiser must submit 2 sized banners for multiple devices


Home screen, RSS articles, Search results, Magazine article text, Bookmarks, Table of Contents, Magazine article text, Bookmarks


Package includes two sizes:
640w × 690h pixels
1536w × 2048h pixels

Pricing: $4,000 per issue or $3,500 per issue for all 6 issues